Silver Falls to Tillamook


The day started with packing up and then a trip to Upper North Falls.  The rain from the previous day had a significant change to the amount of water over the falls.  I think I preferred the day before for the possibility of more detail in the rocks, but you take what you get.

Following that it was up to Multnomah Falls… one of the, if not the, most famous waterfalls in Oregon.  The GPS wanted to take me on the highway, but I saw a sign that said “that way” and so I went “that way” – it was the historic part.  It was built for the model T.  White picket guard rails, turns that had a 20 mph speed and straight away that were 30 mph.  It gave you time to see the view… and I saw cars whizzing by on the highway over a bit.  I thought I made a wrongish turn – that would take too long to get there.

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Silver Falls – Hiking

Base of Middle North Falls.

Base of Middle North Falls.

The odometer should be taken with a grain of salt or two… The loop that I hiked was listed as 8.7 miles.  The canyon trail was, well, in a canyon and the GPS doesn’t like canyon walls.  The other thing the GPS doesn’t like is rain.  I’ll get back to that.

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Burney Falls to Silver Falls


Last night I packed up everything that wasn’t in the tent – I knew I had a good drive tomorrow to do.  Set my phone with an 8 am alarm and put it in airplane mode so that it battery drain would be as low as possible.  Woke up at 8, got up at 8:15 and took everything out of the tent and packed it away.  When taking it down I found that poles first then clips would work better… well, next time.  I was on the road at 9:15 with only a short pause to get the inverter to work and charge my phone.

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Burney Falls – Day 2


Today I started off with finding the wireless hotspot, and bought some time with AT&T.  Its a year worth, but compared to single purchases I should be able to quickly recover the cost.  And I uploaded photos and blog.

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Burney Again – Day 1 – Burney Falls


My first entry was a year and a bit ago, and I find myself back at Burney falls.  Last tuesday I decided to go on vacation.  I normally take a trip in the fall somewhere.  Last year was the midwest, and for several years before I went to the eastern sierras.  This year I decided to do a grand loop of western national parks. No, Burney isn’t a national park, its a state park.

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Sautéed Chicken – another try

I tried the chicken again.  I had the Foster Farms chicken thawed and when comparing it to the size of my skillet, it was a bit much.

I forgot the salt and pepper – eating it now, its a bit bland – the salt and pepper are critical.  Instead of olives, I went for a combination of onions, a orange bell pepper and some water chestnuts.  They work nice in the mix, but with the chicken being bland – they help, but not enough.

I’ll have to remember to do this on the wok next time rather than the skillet.

All in all, it was just ok.

Lemongrass Beef

Previously playing with lemongrass chicken, I was curious about how something else would go.  I’ve got three types of frozen meat in my freezer – chicken, beef, and salmon.  Some day I might add some pork to the freezer bags… but anyways…

Chicken is nice for this because it doesn’t have much flavor.  There is no conflict of flavor in there.  Beef on the other hand has its own flavor.  This is often a good thing, and in the lemongrass beef, it wasn’t a bad thing.  But it wasn’t a particularly good thing either.

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