What goes on behind the scenes of += with String in Java

For some reason, the designers of Java decided to make + and += work with Strings. These are the only Objects in Java that have an overloaded operator that turns out to do some magic behind the scenes.

You see it all over the place:

But when is this acceptable when when is it problematic?
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Baraga, Bond and Back

And up and leaving from Baraga.  There isn’t too much to say about this other than that I stopped by Bond Falls on the way back home.

I got into Bond Falls at about 10am.  Fortunately, the mosquitos weren’t out and ravenous as they were the previous afternoon.  However, the sun was shining on much of the falls creating some very large dynamic ranges on the scene making it very difficult to photograph… and so I continued home.  That’s about it.

Need to update my library and post some of the photographs from the trip.

Waterfalls of Baraga County

The day started out with a search for some insect repellant.  This has been a very buggy season – lots and lots of mosquitoes.  Started at the local mini-department store, but they were completely sold out.  After a bit of an excursion, found that there was only about a dozen cans of Deet based in the local gas station camping section and another dozen cans of permethrin at the local sporting goods – thats it in town and likely the county.

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A trip to Baraga county

The weather is finally right for a trip up to the upper peninsula – enough foliage on the trees, not too late in the season for the falls to go a bit dry… its time for drive.

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Lytro at Mitchell Park

I have a few cameras.  One in particular I haven’t had a chance to play with… yet.  Its a Lytro camera that has the ability to capture some of the three dimensional information about the scene (rather than just the flat focus plane).

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Silver Falls to Tillamook


The day started with packing up and then a trip to Upper North Falls.  The rain from the previous day had a significant change to the amount of water over the falls.  I think I preferred the day before for the possibility of more detail in the rocks, but you take what you get.

Following that it was up to Multnomah Falls… one of the, if not the, most famous waterfalls in Oregon.  The GPS wanted to take me on the highway, but I saw a sign that said “that way” and so I went “that way” – it was the historic part.  It was built for the model T.  White picket guard rails, turns that had a 20 mph speed and straight away that were 30 mph.  It gave you time to see the view… and I saw cars whizzing by on the highway over a bit.  I thought I made a wrongish turn – that would take too long to get there.

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Silver Falls – Hiking

Base of Middle North Falls.
Base of Middle North Falls.

The odometer should be taken with a grain of salt or two… The loop that I hiked was listed as 8.7 miles.  The canyon trail was, well, in a canyon and the GPS doesn’t like canyon walls.  The other thing the GPS doesn’t like is rain.  I’ll get back to that.

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